Wednesday, 11 September 2013


It seems like you're spending
A lot of your time
Running around in a tiz';
And I can't remember
When I last saw your smile,
But it's something I'm starting to miss.
And from the outside
It's quite hard to tell why,
Or who you are trying to please.
So come on, my love,
Let's go live in a meadow
And study the birds and the bees.

And I know that it feels
Like you've something to prove,
But trust me when I say that you don't.
We just build all these doubts up
Inside our minds 'til
They seem like they're real when they're not.
And there's an Ancient Greek concept
Known as ataraxia;
The ideal of being freed from disturbance.
So come on, my darling,
Let's get Epicurean
In a garden, surrounded by plants.

'Cause there's a million heartaches
That can clog up our brains,
And thus keep us awake all the night.
And when we lose track
Of what matters in life,
It can be easy to give up the fight.
But our time here is finite,
And cosmically speaking
We're basically already dead.
So let's head out to the forest,
Leave our worries behind,
And live for each other instead.

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